Friday, June 29, 2012

Fantasy Fulfilled

What follows is my re-do of the fantasy Jewels wrote for me last year.  I took some creative license with it to make it flow, expand upon the actions, and describe the feelings that would accompany it.

I fantasized about it for many years, but never shared it with anyone until recently.  When my husband asked my fantasies, I would avoid even hinting at my one deepest desire.  Perhaps I was embarrassed, or too uncomfortable with it myself to let it out.  That changed, however, when I realized my power and truly took control over my sexuality.  Oddly enough, it was fulfilling my husband’s fantasies that allowed me to grow.
Our sex life seemed to come and go, as is typical in a marriage.  After over 15 years together we were in a low point of our sexual relations when I came up with an idea.  I offered to tie him to the bed and torment him, something he had many times asked me to do, and in exchange for that, he would have to listen to me reading him my sappy love story books.  The opportunity to be tied and tormented was too good to pass up, so he readily agreed.  Having finished the first series of books, we sat down and discussed what other fantasies he had.  This is when we first seriously discussed enforced male chastity. (He had purchased a device in the past, but I wasn’t in a great emotional place at the time and it went nowhere, fast.)
After reading about the real world (not just fantasy) of male chastity, I decided to give it a try.  What I found was that holding the key to his sexuality change a great deal… especially for me.  I was empowered with a new level of control in our relationship.  With me in control of his orgasms, I stopped feeling bad when he didn’t have sexual release.  There was no more guilt or pressure to please him… it became all about him pleasing me.  That is what led me to today.
It took a little planning on my part.  I had to make special arrangements to ensure that every detail was worked out perfectly or things could easily turn my exploration into a bad experience.  But I was certain that I had completely planned it out and even double checked everything to make sure nothing was forgotten.
As my husband arrived home, he was surprised to find the house to ourselves.  The kids had been taken to a friend’s house for the night, ensuring us an uninterrupted evening to enjoy what was to come.  I greeted him at the doorway with a passionate kiss and hands that freely explored his body.  My body was so nervous yet aroused that I tingled from head to toe.  As we kissed, I led him by his tie up to our bedroom, where I instructed him to undress.  As his beautiful nude form presented itself to me, I couldn't help but admire the only thing left on him… the shiny chastity tube that held him so tightly and provided him such frustration. 
I studied the excited look on his face, wondering how it would change through the night as my fantasy moved into reality. 
Directing him to a chair I had positioned alongside the bed, he happily took his place.  To ensure that he would remain there, I secured leather restraints to his wrist and ankles.  His wrist were drawn behind him and securely locked together and to the chair.  Next his ankles were secured to the legs of the chair.  It was always so easy to take away his freedom.  To complete his bondage, I removed my cotton panties which I had worn most of the day.  They were drenched in my essence; impregnated with my sweat from a three hour workout at the gym and with my juices that poured out of me as I prepared for the excitement of tonight.  Wadding them up just right, to ensure that the soaked portion would remain on his tongue, I shoved them into his awaiting mouth and wrapped tape around his head to ensure that they would stay in place.
With my husband properly restrained, I had one last task to finish his preparations.  A light blanket was placed tidily over his lap, covering his most sensitive area.  I noticed a quizzical look on his face, but chose to ignore it for the time being.  Instead of answering his unspoken question, I bent close to his ear and whispered “I have some other things to tend to… don’t go anywhere,” and with that, I walked out of the room. 
As I headed down the stairs, I realized that it was now the point of no return.  I thought to myself about how much would change for me and for us tonight… and felt my body become so aroused that I could hardly stop myself from just sitting down on the stairs and rubbing myself to an orgasm.  The doorbell refocused my attention on the reality of things. 
My husband’s head turned towards the bedroom doorway as he heard me walking in.  I could tell by his expression, however, that he did not expect to see my best friend following behind me.  After the brief moment of shock wore off, he began to protest her presence, shaking his head and making muffled demands.  This was quickly brought to a close as I looked him straight in the eye, just inches from his face and stated, “Enough!  This isn’t about fulfilling your fantasies any more, it is about mine now.  I have given you what you want… I keep you well locked and aroused.  Now it is my turn to get what I have always wanted.”
As I moved away from him, I turned to my best friend.  Her eyes closed and he mouth moved towards mine as we began our first kiss.  Slowly… passionately… tenderly our tongues entwined as we embraced.  With a burning desire, we embraced and began to explore each other’s bodies.  We were both new to this… but the attraction between us had always been there and it seemed most natural now.  In moments our clothing was on the ground, mixed together just as our bodies were, as we started to lie down on the bed. 
Before things progressed too much further, there was still a little bit more that needed to be done with my dear husband.  I, reluctantly, broke from the embrace of my lover to approach the confused male form tied to the chair.  “Not your fantasy, but certainly mine,” I reminded him, “but the good news is that there is something in it for you… If you watch closely, and I know you will, you can learn the secrets of how one woman pleases another.  
“Watch closely at how her tongue brings me to a mind blowing orgasm and perhaps you can learn a thing or two from it.” 
“Oh, and if you even try to turn away or you stop looking… I will beat your balls with the spoon until you cry for me to stop… 40 slaps for every infraction should be enough incentive” I concluded. 
With that, I returned to the loving embrace and shuddered as my best friend and now lover kissed at my breast, and then down my body until her breath was on my mound.  In a matter of moments I felt her licking, sucking, and kissing at me as never before.  It was as if she knew exactly where and how I wanted to be touched.  I could feel the impending orgasm building inside of me.  It grew and grew until I felt so much pressure that I could hardly even take a breath… and then it happened.  I went over the edge and my body began to spasm with shear ecstasy.  I let out an earth shattering scream… I could not help myself.  As my eyes opened, I looked to my husband and saw that he was closing his eyes… perhaps out of shame or embarrassment, knowing that he never brought me to such a powerful orgasm. 
“That is 40 whacks… Keep your eyes open and on us or you won’t be able to walk for a month,” I said as a reminder. 
As my lover and I laid on the bed in a lustful embrace, I realized that I had been selfish… after all, I was the one afforded the mind blowing orgasm.  So, I began to kiss her, tenderly working from her mouth, to her perky breast and nipples, then finally to her mound.  As I kissed and licked, my body seemed to know naturally what to do to please her.  We were in tune… as only two women could be.  My mind raced as I felt her body tense with a building orgasm.  “This seems so natural now” I thought to myself and as I increased the pace, her body pushed over the edge into an incredible orgasm.  I was caught off guard by what happened as she screamed out in ecstasy… her sexual fluids, propelled by the powerful orgasm, came squirting out of her and into my awaiting mouth. 
Her excitement and the feeling of power I got from making her orgasm so strongly gave me a new found energy.  I grabbed one of my favorite toys, a vibrating rabbit, and decided to show her the joys it could bring, as I had found for myself.
We went on working through my collection of toys until we were simply too exhausted to move.  Each of us completely spent from mind blowing orgasm after orgasm.  All the while, my dedicated husband looked on at our show of passion and sensuality. 
Eventually the time came when my best friend… err… girlfriend and I had rested enough to break our embrace and say our goodbyes.  As she got up to leave, I stopped her directly in front of my husband to thank her.  “This was, by far, the most incredible night.  Thank you!  We will have to make this happen much more often,” I expressed to her.  “After all, with orgasms like that, I don’t think I will ever need to unlock him again...” I said as I motioned to my still bound husband in the chair.  His eyes widened with surprise and fear. 
After showing my lover to the door, I returned to my husband.  Kneeling in front of him, I removed the blanket as I explained “As I mentioned, this was all about my fantasy… just because she got to see me naked doesn’t mean that she could see you in that state, so I just had to cover things up.”  I moved my hands to his balls and began to gently massage them.  I then change my hand motions to a pulling and trapping squeeze as I reminded him of the 40 slaps with the spoon that were still to come.  “Too bad for you tonight, I got to have the best orgasms of my lifetime while you remain locked and orgasm free… in fact, all you get is these whacks.”  And with that, I administered his punishment.  I don’t think he realized it then, but he sure was lucky that the night’s activities had tired me so, because with the thoughts I was having about never needing his penis again… I may just have damaged his balls without a care.” 
As I unlocked my husband and released the tape holding my panties in his mouth, I placed a single finger across his lips and simply said “be careful what you wish for…”


  1. Wow, that was a very hot fantasy!

    What I liked about it was that it was woman-centric. Most of our kink play is based upon what I want, but when my wife takes over in the bedroom, it is just super hot! My wife will occasionally masturbate with her vibrator while I am blindfolded or away from where she is. The raw female sexuality is just plain awesome.