Friday, June 29, 2012

Fantasy Fulfilled

What follows is my re-do of the fantasy Jewels wrote for me last year.  I took some creative license with it to make it flow, expand upon the actions, and describe the feelings that would accompany it.

I fantasized about it for many years, but never shared it with anyone until recently.  When my husband asked my fantasies, I would avoid even hinting at my one deepest desire.  Perhaps I was embarrassed, or too uncomfortable with it myself to let it out.  That changed, however, when I realized my power and truly took control over my sexuality.  Oddly enough, it was fulfilling my husband’s fantasies that allowed me to grow.
Our sex life seemed to come and go, as is typical in a marriage.  After over 15 years together we were in a low point of our sexual relations when I came up with an idea.  I offered to tie him to the bed and torment him, something he had many times asked me to do, and in exchange for that, he would have to listen to me reading him my sappy love story books.  The opportunity to be tied and tormented was too good to pass up, so he readily agreed.  Having finished the first series of books, we sat down and discussed what other fantasies he had.  This is when we first seriously discussed enforced male chastity. (He had purchased a device in the past, but I wasn’t in a great emotional place at the time and it went nowhere, fast.)
After reading about the real world (not just fantasy) of male chastity, I decided to give it a try.  What I found was that holding the key to his sexuality change a great deal… especially for me.  I was empowered with a new level of control in our relationship.  With me in control of his orgasms, I stopped feeling bad when he didn’t have sexual release.  There was no more guilt or pressure to please him… it became all about him pleasing me.  That is what led me to today.
It took a little planning on my part.  I had to make special arrangements to ensure that every detail was worked out perfectly or things could easily turn my exploration into a bad experience.  But I was certain that I had completely planned it out and even double checked everything to make sure nothing was forgotten.
As my husband arrived home, he was surprised to find the house to ourselves.  The kids had been taken to a friend’s house for the night, ensuring us an uninterrupted evening to enjoy what was to come.  I greeted him at the doorway with a passionate kiss and hands that freely explored his body.  My body was so nervous yet aroused that I tingled from head to toe.  As we kissed, I led him by his tie up to our bedroom, where I instructed him to undress.  As his beautiful nude form presented itself to me, I couldn't help but admire the only thing left on him… the shiny chastity tube that held him so tightly and provided him such frustration. 
I studied the excited look on his face, wondering how it would change through the night as my fantasy moved into reality. 
Directing him to a chair I had positioned alongside the bed, he happily took his place.  To ensure that he would remain there, I secured leather restraints to his wrist and ankles.  His wrist were drawn behind him and securely locked together and to the chair.  Next his ankles were secured to the legs of the chair.  It was always so easy to take away his freedom.  To complete his bondage, I removed my cotton panties which I had worn most of the day.  They were drenched in my essence; impregnated with my sweat from a three hour workout at the gym and with my juices that poured out of me as I prepared for the excitement of tonight.  Wadding them up just right, to ensure that the soaked portion would remain on his tongue, I shoved them into his awaiting mouth and wrapped tape around his head to ensure that they would stay in place.
With my husband properly restrained, I had one last task to finish his preparations.  A light blanket was placed tidily over his lap, covering his most sensitive area.  I noticed a quizzical look on his face, but chose to ignore it for the time being.  Instead of answering his unspoken question, I bent close to his ear and whispered “I have some other things to tend to… don’t go anywhere,” and with that, I walked out of the room. 
As I headed down the stairs, I realized that it was now the point of no return.  I thought to myself about how much would change for me and for us tonight… and felt my body become so aroused that I could hardly stop myself from just sitting down on the stairs and rubbing myself to an orgasm.  The doorbell refocused my attention on the reality of things. 
My husband’s head turned towards the bedroom doorway as he heard me walking in.  I could tell by his expression, however, that he did not expect to see my best friend following behind me.  After the brief moment of shock wore off, he began to protest her presence, shaking his head and making muffled demands.  This was quickly brought to a close as I looked him straight in the eye, just inches from his face and stated, “Enough!  This isn’t about fulfilling your fantasies any more, it is about mine now.  I have given you what you want… I keep you well locked and aroused.  Now it is my turn to get what I have always wanted.”
As I moved away from him, I turned to my best friend.  Her eyes closed and he mouth moved towards mine as we began our first kiss.  Slowly… passionately… tenderly our tongues entwined as we embraced.  With a burning desire, we embraced and began to explore each other’s bodies.  We were both new to this… but the attraction between us had always been there and it seemed most natural now.  In moments our clothing was on the ground, mixed together just as our bodies were, as we started to lie down on the bed. 
Before things progressed too much further, there was still a little bit more that needed to be done with my dear husband.  I, reluctantly, broke from the embrace of my lover to approach the confused male form tied to the chair.  “Not your fantasy, but certainly mine,” I reminded him, “but the good news is that there is something in it for you… If you watch closely, and I know you will, you can learn the secrets of how one woman pleases another.  
“Watch closely at how her tongue brings me to a mind blowing orgasm and perhaps you can learn a thing or two from it.” 
“Oh, and if you even try to turn away or you stop looking… I will beat your balls with the spoon until you cry for me to stop… 40 slaps for every infraction should be enough incentive” I concluded. 
With that, I returned to the loving embrace and shuddered as my best friend and now lover kissed at my breast, and then down my body until her breath was on my mound.  In a matter of moments I felt her licking, sucking, and kissing at me as never before.  It was as if she knew exactly where and how I wanted to be touched.  I could feel the impending orgasm building inside of me.  It grew and grew until I felt so much pressure that I could hardly even take a breath… and then it happened.  I went over the edge and my body began to spasm with shear ecstasy.  I let out an earth shattering scream… I could not help myself.  As my eyes opened, I looked to my husband and saw that he was closing his eyes… perhaps out of shame or embarrassment, knowing that he never brought me to such a powerful orgasm. 
“That is 40 whacks… Keep your eyes open and on us or you won’t be able to walk for a month,” I said as a reminder. 
As my lover and I laid on the bed in a lustful embrace, I realized that I had been selfish… after all, I was the one afforded the mind blowing orgasm.  So, I began to kiss her, tenderly working from her mouth, to her perky breast and nipples, then finally to her mound.  As I kissed and licked, my body seemed to know naturally what to do to please her.  We were in tune… as only two women could be.  My mind raced as I felt her body tense with a building orgasm.  “This seems so natural now” I thought to myself and as I increased the pace, her body pushed over the edge into an incredible orgasm.  I was caught off guard by what happened as she screamed out in ecstasy… her sexual fluids, propelled by the powerful orgasm, came squirting out of her and into my awaiting mouth. 
Her excitement and the feeling of power I got from making her orgasm so strongly gave me a new found energy.  I grabbed one of my favorite toys, a vibrating rabbit, and decided to show her the joys it could bring, as I had found for myself.
We went on working through my collection of toys until we were simply too exhausted to move.  Each of us completely spent from mind blowing orgasm after orgasm.  All the while, my dedicated husband looked on at our show of passion and sensuality. 
Eventually the time came when my best friend… err… girlfriend and I had rested enough to break our embrace and say our goodbyes.  As she got up to leave, I stopped her directly in front of my husband to thank her.  “This was, by far, the most incredible night.  Thank you!  We will have to make this happen much more often,” I expressed to her.  “After all, with orgasms like that, I don’t think I will ever need to unlock him again...” I said as I motioned to my still bound husband in the chair.  His eyes widened with surprise and fear. 
After showing my lover to the door, I returned to my husband.  Kneeling in front of him, I removed the blanket as I explained “As I mentioned, this was all about my fantasy… just because she got to see me naked doesn’t mean that she could see you in that state, so I just had to cover things up.”  I moved my hands to his balls and began to gently massage them.  I then change my hand motions to a pulling and trapping squeeze as I reminded him of the 40 slaps with the spoon that were still to come.  “Too bad for you tonight, I got to have the best orgasms of my lifetime while you remain locked and orgasm free… in fact, all you get is these whacks.”  And with that, I administered his punishment.  I don’t think he realized it then, but he sure was lucky that the night’s activities had tired me so, because with the thoughts I was having about never needing his penis again… I may just have damaged his balls without a care.” 
As I unlocked my husband and released the tape holding my panties in his mouth, I placed a single finger across his lips and simply said “be careful what you wish for…”

Evidence... A-Ha?

The following is a fantasy Jewels wrote for me last year.  It was while we were awaiting the arrival of our Steelworxx device and followed a discussion of my fantasies. (Note, this is 100% unedited.  While Jewels is incredibly smart; spelling, grammar, and story telling are not strong points for her.)

As I pull you into the bedroom I tell you to strip down to nothing.  I then have you sit on a chair I have set near the bed in our room.  I proceed to lock your arms behind your back attached to the chair.  Then I strap your legs to the chair legs with the cuffs.  I then put the gag on you.  I tell you, “stay”  as I change into my black latex dress.  I put a blanket on you and you think I did this to keep you warm.  I then leave the room and lock it behind me.  You hear me go down the stairs and then the front door open and close.  The thought of me leaving you locked up starts to cause you to be aroused.  Then you hear me come back up the stairs and as you hear me unlock the door you wonder what I'm up to.  I walk in with a woman, who is cute but not as beautiful as I am.  You are curious and a little confused as I explain to you, that, “She is here to teach you how to use your mouth to take me over the edge on the most erotic and mind blowing orgasm a girl can have.  I covered you because only I get to see you naked.”  I also say, “I know that this is not your fantasy but how else are you going to learn how to do this right.  You are to watch every second because if you miss something you'll never get me there and in turn will never be allowed to have an orgasm again.”  I also inform you that for every time you look away you will receive the spoon to your balls 40 times.  As you try to protest with the gag in your mouth I just smile and say “I know, I did come up with a great idea thanks.”  As I lay back on the bed to give access to my wet lips, and the woman puts her mouth to me you look away because the thought of someone else pleasing me upsets you, I remind you  to look by saying “that's 40”  You automatically turn to look again fearing the pain.  You watch as she brings me to the point of orgasm  as I go over the edge she inserts a vibrating dildo and prolongs the  Ecstasy I am feeling.  When she finishes she leaves the dildo on the bed without a word and leaves.  I then ask you, as I get up  and sit on your lap, if you would like to sample what ecstasy taste like.  You nod excited that you watched and learned, you can't wait to get your mouth on me.  I tell you “I'm so glad you want a taste”  As I slip the dildo in your mouth.  I whisper in your ear “Now you will remember this taste every time I slide this into you.. Oh and by the way I owe you 40 wackes” I pull off the blanket and administer the punishment you earned. I then go and clean myself up.  As I come back I kneel in front of you..  As I take out the lube you are sure this is it your orgasm will finally come.  But then you realize that not only are you not getting what you want but I have received the belt and am now placing the ring around your balls and placing the shinny new unit onto your penis.  As you here the click of the lock you realize you should be careful of what you wish for.


When Jewels and I have tried to discuss fantasies, the conversation usually includes a great deal of information from me on mine, but none from her.  When pressed, her standard response is that she doesn't really have one she can think of.  I always took this to mean that she is rather... well... lacking in creativity.  Lately, I have begun to put pieces of a puzzle together that seem to point to a latent interest at the least and a full on fantasy at the most.

One of the subtle clues includes too frequent to be ignored joking references to several Katy Perry songs, particularly to her interest in "tasting cherry chapstick" (from "I Kissed a Girl").  The next clue was a quick little comment last week when I mentioned to her that I might have started to fantasize about her with another women and she responded "well that isn't your fantasy...", possibly leading me to believe that it belonged to someone else.

The final clue, accompanied by my "a-ha!" moment came when I remembered a fantasy she wrote out for me last year.  At the time, she stated that it wasn't really a fantasy of hers, but she really wanted to write something for me.  The fantasy involves having me tied to a chair and forced to watch another women bring Jewels to an orgasm with her mouth, with the expressed intent of training me to be better at it.

Perhaps I am a little off and these comments are just subtle remarks with little meaning behind them... but I can't help but think (maybe wishful thinking) there is more to it than that.

Last night I decided to use the fantasy she wrote as a basis for a new fantasy story.  I will post both the original by her and then my re-do of it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Like Rabbits

Today is the 115th day of my lock-up.  To celebrate, I have decided to share another of my erotica fantasy writings.

"Like Rabbits"

Mistress Page had been telling me all week that today would be all about me getting some penetration.  The thought of finally being able to be inside of her, after 6 weeks in locked in my chastity device, was driving me crazy.  This had been, by far, the longest we had ever gone in chastity since we started 4 months ago.  I was already starting to worry that I would go without any relief for a full 2 months… and the idea of that was overwhelmingly arousing.  But when she told me “This Friday, we are going to screw like rabbits,” I was beyond excited.  Looking back now, I thought that I had just about blown the deal on Wednesday, when I made a rather stupid comment… the sad thing is that I don’t even remember what was said, but I most certain do remember the look on her face.  Thursday brought a sigh of relief when Mistress Page was, once again, talking about how much fun we would have Friday.

When Friday finally came around, I had difficulty paying attention to just about anything at work.  My mind was so absorbed with imagining what would come that night… assuring myself that at least I knew one thing that was going to “come”.  When I got home from work, Mistress Page was doing everything in her power to tease me.  Brushing up against me, whispering “Are they in bed yet?” in my ear, and caressing my arms… It was a surprise that I was able to make dinner without burning down the house.  Finally, after what felt like 10 hours, the boys were in bed asleep and it was time for the excitement to begin.

We both retired to the bed room and I nearly tore my clothing off.  In seconds I was down to nothing, save the shiny silver tube that had replaced my penis so many weeks ago.  As I looked at the bed, I noticed that the leather cuffs were in the middle of the bed, instead of tied to the headboards.  I was a little confused, but trusted that you had a plan.  Oh boy, did she have a plan…

Before Mistress Page even undressed, she was directing me to put the ankle and wrist cuffs on.  Securing each with a lock, I expected her to turn your attention to the steel between my legs, but instead she locked my wrists together and led me to the foot of the bed and instructed me to stand there, facing the bed.  “First, let’s take care of punishing you for your comment on Wednesday,” she said as my ankles were spread apart and tied off to the feet.  Next, Mistress Page threaded a rope through the lock between my wrists, till the halfway point, and then she pulled the ends towards to head of the bed.  Pulling, Mistress Page stretched me out across the bed until my chest is forced down into the bed.  With one last tug, she was satisfied that I was properly immobilized, so Mistress Page tied off the rope in some sort of a makeshift complex knot.  I watched her moving off the bed… but my ability to watch any more was taken away from me as she fastened the blindfold across my eyes.

The way Mistress Page had positioned me, made my rear a prime target for whatever she decided to strike it with.  I knew what she would choose though… my nemesis and her favorite item, the wooden spoon.  With the first wooden smack against my bottom, I knew for certain that I was correct. 

“So, how many days have you been locked up without an orgasm?” she asked.  In my head, I worked to count the days.  As another slap of the spoon stung my skin, Mistress Page urged me on, saying “Come on, sweetie, do the math!”  I blurted out “42 days”, hoping I counted correctly.  “Sorry, but yesterday was 42, today is your 43rd day,” she announced.

“And, I would think that after 43 days without a chance to play with your penis would help you to remember that I am in control and stupid comments are not welcome” Mistress Page continued.  “Perhaps 43 nice and hard swats with the spoon will burn the concept into your memory.”  And with that, she proceeded to whack away at my rear.  I could feel it becoming redder and redder as the burning sensation developed into a raging fire.

Finally, the pounding stopped.

“There you go, that red will turn a nice purple… maybe even black and blue” Mistress Page commented as she stepped back to admire her work.

The pain, as intense as it was, only fed my hunger for the “screwing like rabbits” she had promised me.  My punishment over, I anticipated what I thought would come next… that I would be released from the bent over position and be brought onto the bed so that she could ride me.  But I was not released from my position.

After a few moments of trying to figure out where Mistress Page was and what she was doing, I finally had a hint.  I felt the bed in front of me move down as she climbed up onto the bed.  It was then that I felt her hand on the top of my head, her fingers slowly tightening around my hair, then the upward pulling as she pull my head back.  As my mouth opened, I felt the phallic rubber of the strap-on pressed into it.

“Suck it good, get it nice and wet so that we don’t need any lube when we screw like rabbits my sweetie” Mistress Page said as she literally fuck my mouth with the strap-on.  I almost gag several times as she press forward to the back of my throat.  Seemingly satisfied, she finally stopped the assault on my mouth… but my hopefulness for relief was gone as I felt her move off of the bed.

I knew at that point that Mistress Page had no intention of allowing me inside of her…  I was the one to be penetrated.  As my mind went over what was said and what I knew, I felt her hand pulling at my hair once again.  As my mouth opened, I felt my mouth being filled with, what felt like, a pair of panties.  “Those should keep you entertained… I have been wearing them to the gym all week, so they must taste like me.”  I could smell and taste the weeks’ worth of sweat that permeated the fabric, confirming her words.  Next I felt Mistress Page wrapping the ace bandage around my head as the panty lodged securely in my mouth.

The very next sensation I felt was a pressure in my rear.  Firm and forceful, I could feel my body being violated by the extension of her body.  Unlike when we had played before, there was a great deal of friction… a shiver of terror ran through me as I realized that she was holding true to what she had warned me of before… “I guess you didn’t get it wet enough sweetie, you should have tried harder,” she said, almost as if she was listening to my thoughts, “this is going to be rough on you… but at least you will learn another lesson.”

I bore down on the pungent cloth filling my mouth as the invader continued to press into me.  Finally, the pushing stopped as her body came into contact with tender flesh of my rear, still burning from the torment of the spoon.  The fire reignited as Mistress Page rubbed her body against mine.  Just when I thought that I had felt every sensation possible, she began to slowly pull back out of me.  The friction of the items withdraw was even more intense then the penetration.

As the tip of the strap-on slid out of me, I felt a cold sensation sliding down my crack.  Finally there was some comfort to come to me as the lubricant spilled over the strap-on and my now burning hole.  “I don’t want to tear you up too much when I fuck you hard, so I think I will be nice and add a little extra lubricant to the mix” she explain.  I was so thankful for the generosity… I sighed a giant breath of relief and tried to thank her through the gag, but all that came out was a strange “mmmph muuuhhhh” sound.

With the addition of lubricant, the in an out motion became a great deal easier on both of us.  The resistance was less for her and the pain was less for me.  Soon, a fluid motion developed as Mistress Page got into a stride sliding in and out of me.  Every once in a while, she would thrust extra hard and bury it deep into me as her body slammed against my bruised bottom.

The rabbit like action continued for what felt like an hour.  Finally, I felt Mistress Page slowing as she tired.  With one last thrust, her body bent forward over mine and I felt the most delicate kiss in my back, sending a sensational shiver throughout my body.  “I love screwing like rabbits, don’t you sweetie?” she asked as she pulled the extension of herself from me.  “mmmph” is all that you could make out, but in my mind the response was “oh YES!”

Just as I began to think things were winding down (things other than the incredibly intense horny feelings that were racing through me) Mistress Page surprised me again.  My well used hole once again had a pressure against it.  It was a different type of pressure though… more controlled and precise.  I realized that she was pressing a butt plug into me.  I felt a popping sensation as the first part of the plug moved past my muscular ring, only to find that another, wider, portion was still to come.  My body stretched to accommodate the steady stretching from the pressure.  Just at the point in which I felt that I was being ripped in half, the widest portion pushed past into me and my body pulled it further into me, clamping down on it.

“There you go, sweetie, something to keep you entertained while I finish entertaining myself.  Oh, just thought you should know… the butt plug was covered in icy hot…” Mistress Page said to me as I started to feel a new burning sensation.

I feel her, once again, moving onto the bed in front of me.  This time, she only touched me to remove the blindfold.  The image I saw as my sight was returned to me was so truly beautiful and arousing.  Mistress Page sitting there, legs slightly spread with her favorite rabbit vibrator in hand.  All I can do is watch her pressing it inside of her luscious pussy as my ass burned and my cock strained at its steel prison… jealous of the toy in Mistress Page’s hand.  “After 43 days, I am sure you would love to be in here” she teased as her body built to a giant orgasm.  As she exploded in your orgasm, she uttered these final words to end the night “with an orgasm like that, I could easily go another 43 days… maybe even longer…”  I moan, knowing that this is what I asked for.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Castration Mind Fuck

Yesterday was day 93 and I am most certainly filled with energy from making it past 90 days.  The following is a fantasy that I have been working to refine in my mind:

It was day 301, I was sure of that.  I had been counting the days diligently since my Mistress had last allowed me an orgasm... the long 300 days ago.  The only other certain thing is that I would most certainly be allowed an orgasm today.  Mistress Page, not only a master of teasing and denial, was always faithful in keeping her promises.  So, the day I had hoped for was finally here.

To say it was difficult to concentrate at work would be an understatement.  I really am unsure of anything that I accomplished in my 8+ hours in the office, as all my mind was able to comprehend was my pending release.  As I rushed home from work, my excitement and imagination soared to new heights.  While I knew that I would be released from my ever so constrictive chastity tube and I knew for certain that I would be given an orgasm… how it would happen and what part, if any, I would have in deciding when and how the orgasm would come was always a mystery.  Mistress Page never failed to amaze me in the incredibly creative ways she found to bring me to orgasm in such a way as to hamper my enjoyment.

My last orgasm was still a strong memory burned into my mind, exactly as she intended.  The burning memory was a result of the deep heating rub that she covered my erect cock in just prior to placing a double layer of condoms over it to lock in the heat.  As if the burning sensation was not enough, the friction created as she rode my burning rod fully activated the deep heating sensation.  It was as if my penis was being roasted inside of her.  The greatest of the feelings came, however, as my orgasm burst down my urethra, mixing with the heating rub that had worked its way into the pathway, creating a new and most intense feeling… like my dick was actually breathing fire!

As I pulled into the garage, I cringed at the thought of the pain I would endure, just to orgasm again.  Mistress Page, never wanting to be boring, always ensured that each time was more painful and diabolic than the last.

I stepped through the door and was greeted with a smile and kiss by my loving wife, the benevolent alter ego of the demented Mistress Page.  It was as if she knew nothing of the significance of the night or of what evil plans her split personality had in store.  She happily went about chatting with me about her day as I changed from my shirt and tie of the work world into a more comfortable jeans and polo for relaxing in.  I didn’t want to spoil my time with the soft and demure nature of my wife, so I did not mention how distracted I was all day.  It was obvious that Mistress Page was somewhat in control as she explained to me that our sons had gone to a friend’s house to stay the night… leaving us with the house to ourselves.  I thought to myself that she must not want them to hear their father screaming in passion and pain.

After dinner was finished and the dishes were cleaned up, my wife encouraged me to enjoy some television while she went and prepared herself for the night.  My heart jumped as she walked out of the room, knowing that I would not see that soft and loving side of her again for a while.  I flipped through the channels, trying to find anything to distract me from the fantasies playing out in my head.  After about half an hour of channel surfing, I heard the bedroom door open and the voice of my wife, or was it Mistress Page, beckoning my in like a spider luring her prey into a binding web of doom.  Obviously I was not fearful enough, since I jumped from the couch and rushed into our room without a second thought.

As I entered the room, I was greeted by Mistress Page in all of her glory.  The stiletto heeled boots flowed up her legs to just under the knee cap, where black nylons emerged and followed the curves of her legs until they met with the garter straps from the black leather corset tightly fixed around her waist.  A spiked choker was the only other item of clothing that she wore or needed to be the perfect picture of a dominatrix.  I immediately began to undo my clothing and neatly folded them up instead of leaving them strewn around the room.  As I stripped down to just my chastity device, Mistress Page motioned for me to lie down on the bed.  I could tell from the positioning of the cuffs that I would be in a tight spread eagle for the night’s festivities.  Starting with my ankles and completing her task with my wrists, I was stretched out as taught as could be, locked to each corner of the bed.

Once my freedom was removed, so was my restraint… that is the restraint of my throbbing cock hidden beneath the chastity tube.  With the specialty key she always wore around her neck, she bent down and unlocked my prison.  I was free at last… in a manner of speaking.  Without any hesitation, my penis grew to its full erect size and strained for attention as Mistress Page moved to get a waiting warm washcloth.  This was something you never read about in all the fantasies… the need to clean up before playing.  The warmth of the cloth around me and the stroking motions as she cleaned me was nearly enough to send me over the edge.  Just before the moment of no return, she withdrew from the task, leaving me writhing in desire for more.  She headed out of the room, leaving me to gain control over myself.

After what seemed like an eternity, she returned and stood over my helpless body.  “Open your mouth,” were the first words she spoke to me since I entered the room.  Dutifully, I complied and was “rewarded” with her shoving something into my mouth.  I quickly realized that what was now preventing my speech was a pair of her socks.  From the strong scent and flavor, I guessed that they were well used.  “I know how much you dislike feet, so I figured I would encourage a change by allowing you to suck on my dirty socks tonight.  I have worn them all week, so they should be full of flavor for you.”  Her words confirmed my guesses.  To ensure that I was unable to dislodge the gag from my mouth, she expertly wrapped a compression bandage around my head, sealing it in place.

With my ability to speak taken away, I knew that I would have no say in anything else that would happen.  And that was just as I always wanted it to be.

Mistress Page’s attention was soon turned to my still engorged member, desperate for attention.  Not wanting to let it “down”, she eagerly began to play with it.  She stroked it slowly, running her fingernails over the tip and watching as I became made with desire.  Every time I was just at the point of orgasm, she would stop and allow me to calm back down.  The teasing went on until I had reached that point for the 30th time and madness filled my eyes.  I was delirious and pleaded with my eyes and whimpers for relief.  Then she left me again, this time returning with a tube of something, a couple of condoms, and a cardboard box.  I feared what the tube might contain, remembering the pain from the previous orgasm.  Without explanation, Mistress Page began to rub the cream all over my erection.  I waited, expecting a burning sensation to emerge, but instead I felt a unique tingling.  Then, as she began to unroll the first of the condoms on me, I realized what was happening… my sensations were being taken away by a numbing cream.  I barely felt the second condom as it was rolled over my still erect member.

Once my once free body part was completely covered in latex, Mistress Page produced a rubber band, when she fastened around the base of the condom.  As she did so, she commented “we wouldn’t want you losing interest, now would we…”  The band was tight enough to reduce blood flow and maintain the erection, but not enough to completely cut it off.

It was only after your preparations were complete that Mistress Page began to explain her plan to me.
“Well, my dear slave, it has been 300 days since your last orgasm.  I hope that you are ready for what is to come… I can assure you that today’s orgasm will be the greatest orgasm of your life and perhaps the last.”  A confused look spread across my face as I digested the words… did she intend to lock me up for good after today?  I was certain that I was not ready for permanent chastity… but what choice did I have?
Without any other explanation, Mistress Page mounted my erection and began to ride me.  I felt the pressure of her body against mine, but no stimulation at all along my cock.  It was maddening to watch her riding me, but feel nothing.  Within 5 minutes, her face tensed as a massive orgasm overtook her.  As her eyes opened again, an evil smile spread across her face.

“Well, I have good news and bad news for you.  The good news is that according to everything I have read online, that numbing cream will only last for another 20 to 25 minutes.  That means that if you can make it till then, you will get that orgasm you want so much.”

“The bad news,” she said as she opened the cardboard box sitting next to her and pulled out a strange device, similar to an odd set of pliers, “is that I have decided to castrate you.”  I immediately struggled against my bonds as my mind raced, wondering if Mistress Page had finally lost her mind.  “Relax or I will just castrate you and not give you any chance at pleasure,” she demanded.  As I stopped struggling, she continued to explain “You see, my dear, this is an elastrator.  It is used to castrate goats and should work perfectly for you.  Once I place this green band around your sack, the circulation will be cut off.  After about 15 or 20 minutes, the damage will be permanent and your lovely balls will be ready to fall right off.”
“So, it will be a challenge for you, won’t it… try to get out one last orgasm before your balls are dead for good.” With that, Mistress Page widened the jaws of the device and pulled my entire scrotum through the green rubber ring.  With and evil grin she mounted me, with her back to my face and released the band.  “You’re fucked now my little chastity slave… You always say how much you dislike the “sissy play”, but now you will have no choice but to be my little sissy. After all, what kind of man is ball-less?”
As the ring snapped around my balls, I felt the most intense pain.  I could truly feel the band cutting into me, severing my blood flow.  I tried to concentrate only on the one thing I had left… the chance for one last orgasm.  Mistress Page sensed my change in focus and began riding me once again.  Frustration and pain was all that I could feel.  After her 4th orgasm, Mistress Page slowed to examine her work.

“You should see the deep purple color this has become… I think this might be working faster than expected.  It has only been 11 minutes and I doubt you will have any balls left by the time the numbing agent wears off.  I guess you should be more careful what you wish for in the future.”

Her excitement at what she was doing to me showed as she returned to fucking me feverishly.  A spark of hope washed over me as Mistress Page exploded into her 5th orgasm.  I was starting to feel the friction again!  The extreme pains in my balls, however, lead me to fear that the sensation was returning too late.  

“Oh my, they are more blackish blue now… I guess it is pretty much over for you sissy!” She exclaimed as she pounded to a 6th orgasm.  I nearly fell unconscious from the pain and pleasure as my body built to the point of a massive orgasm.  The only thought on my mind was to reach that last release.

“It has been 30 minutes… you are too late!” Mistress Page exclaimed.  As she did, I felt my one last release exploding out of my body.  It was as if my whole body was giving up all it had in this one final orgasm.  As my body spasm and pushed my semen out, I become unaware of what was happening around me.  

Suddenly, the painful constriction in my scrotum was gone and I felt the most intense pain ever.  Was this it, I thought to myself, were the nerves finally dead?  As my head cleared, I realized the pain was not the death of my balls, but the feeling of blood rushing back through to them.  I looked at Mistress Page with confusion once again and saw her smiling a gentle and warm smile.

“I guess they didn’t die after all… In truth, I don’t think I am ready to cut those off just yet… maybe at your next orgasm though.”  With that, my orgasm was completed… and I was locked again.  “Let’s see how desperate you are in 600 days,” Mistress Page commented as she closed and locked the chastity device on me once again.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ain't nothing like the real thing...

When Jewels and I embarked on this journey into enforced male chastity, we both realized that there would be major changes in our sex life… that is what this is fundamentally about.  What we did not realize is the type of changes it would have.  Sure, there was the obvious one: I don’t get an orgasm every time (or any time before next June) we play.  Unfortunately, to achieve this, it became necessary to drastically limit (or just about eliminate) traditional penetrative sex.  This restriction took away Jewels’ favorite (and most fulfilling) path to her own orgasms.

Don’t miss understand.  We are both comfortable and capable at bringing her to orgasm through other means… but the orgasms are never as strong and satisfying as with a good old fashioned PiV (penis-in-vagina) fucking.  Jewels never really broached the subject of her disappointment, but I could easily tell.  In mid-August we decided to try a new toy to see if we could satisfy this gap.  So, we purchased the Wild G rabbit vibrator from Eden Fantasies.  With some experimentation and lots of playful enjoyment, we found that the rabbit vibrator was a pretty good substitution for the real thing.

Something, however, was still missing.  That something was the closeness we experience when our two bodies press together in the throes of passionate intercourse.  So we both agreed that, while the rabbit was great, we needed to find a way for me engage in coitus without the risk of my having an orgasm.  We discussed the idea of using numbing creams and condoms, but found that my sensitivity to latex, coupled with the need for set up time (i.e. applying the cream, covering with a condom, and waiting for the cream to take full effect) made this idea less than favorable.

The next idea was to utilize a strap-on, worn by me.  So, last Friday (December 10th) we dug out our Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Ultraharness 3000 that I had purchased some time ago (hoping to get her into pegging).  We then fitted one of the only attachments we had for the harness, the 7" Raging Hard-On Cock, in place and began experimenting.  The first thing that I realized was that without any sensation in the “cock”, I could not easily sense depth or angle.  So, we took things slowly and carefully.  After a while, however, we both got so worked up that we forgot the gentile approach and went at it like rabbits.  Let me tell all of you men out there who may be thinking about trying this that you will be hard pressed to find anything more erotically frustrating than watching a penis, attached to you, pounding away at your lover while you feel absolutely nothing.  It was one hell of a tease!
Overall, all was good and Jewels was able to reach several of those fulfilling orgasms she had been missing out on.  It wasn’t until the day after that we realized that the lack of feeling combined with the passionate thrusting had been a little too much.  Throughout the week, she reminded me that, if we were going to continue with the strap-on idea, we needed to get a slightly shorter dildo for it.   After a little looking and comparing of items, we settled on the Doc Johnson Super Vac-U-Lock realistic dildo.
So, I sat down to place the order from Eden Fantasies.  It was then that I noticed the color options.  We could get a traditional flesh toned dildo or a hot pink dildo.  So, I posed the question to Jewels… her reply was simple:
“Get it in pink. It's silly to get it in life like colors since we know the real thing is locked up!”

Well, that pretty much brings you up to speed on our chastity adventure.  Now I am just awaiting the arrival of the pretty pink dildo so that we can, once again, enjoy the closeness and passion as we screw like rabbits.  Of course, it will be interesting to see just how humiliating it feels to me when I look down and see a hot pink penis, attached to my body, pleasuring my lovely wife.  I am sure the experience will be incredible and we will both enjoy every second of it!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 1 or Day 76?

As this is the first official start of our blog, or Day 1, I decided to start with a little story about how we got where we are today (day 76).

About 10 years ago I came across a www site with a peculiar kink that I found to be so incredibly arousing that I couldn’t get it out of my thoughts.  The www site was Altairboys and the kink was enforced chastity.  As I read the stories, product reviews, and information about home built devices, I had found the thoughts had an inverse effect on me… as I read about be forced to remain orgasm free, I masturbated like a teen.  The problem, at the time, was that I wasn’t too mature when it came to discussing sex with my wife when it came to my kinky side.  So, I read about chastity, enjoyed fantasies of it, but never acted on it until I decided to “surprise” Jewels with a CB3000 device, locked on me.

I know, it sounds just like every fantasy written for a good wank.  Next you would expect me to say that she turned into a dominant bitch who sissified me… Sorry, not the way it works in the real world.  Instead of magically transforming into Super Domme, Jewels said “Whatever floats your boat” and held onto the key for a while, but never got truly engaged in the idea.  Now, a word about timing is important here.  We were in a rather rough spot when it came to our sex life due to depression on her part and frustration/resentment on mine.  Looking back on it, I was a complete idiot.

The initial foyer into chastity ended pretty much uneventfully when I finally realized it wasn’t working right and put it away.

Over the next few years, enforced chastity remained a strong fantasy, but I was content in not doing much else with it.  But things were changing, for the better.  Jewels and I began to explore more bondage and S/M play as a way to spice up our sex life.  As we played with experiences, things got more and more kinky.  Early this year, I decided to seek out some sort of an informational site or book that would introduce Jewels to enforced male chastity in a rather unobtrusive manner.  That is when I came across Sarah Johnson’s male chastity blog and her e-book “Be Careful What You Wish For”.

I decided to buy the e-book and simply ask Jewels to read it… no other commitment.   It took about a week for her to finally start reading the book. Instead of pushing her on the subject, I decided to just let her do it in her own time... a strategy that really paid off.  Initially, we started to read the book together and have little side discussions about the psychology, our interests, and our relationship (all very positive steps). The next positive step (from my perspective) was when she started to read the book without me around... before I knew it, she was done with the book and asking me to show her ALL of the different devices on the market.

So, we sat down and looked at devices ranging from the CB-Series devices to the coveted (and pricey) Latowski belt. The first thing we agreed upon was that a full belt did not fit into our lifestyle, nor did it fit our interests... so that narrowed the market down. After some discussion on cleanliness, styling, and security we agreed on either a Steelworxx Steelheart or Steelheart 2. After some feedback from owners of the Steelheart, our minds were made up.  Unfortunately, the cost was not in the immediate budget, so we agreed that ordering it would have to wait until we could save up the spare funds. 

The very next day, as we were reading through Sarah Jameson's book on teasing and denial, we came across a tease that centered on the idea of having the woman whisper the man's greatest fantasies back to him. This brought up a discussion on what my fantasies were and lead to me writing several of them out for her. We then had some fun reading them together, discussing what and why they were so interesting to me, and talking about what was realistic and what was not.

The next week, while we were showering after going to the gym, she asked me how often I masturbate. I was somewhat honest and estimated 4-6 times a week (it was really closer to 10 times a week). She seemed surprised, not that I did it that often, but that I did it without her ever noticing. We kind of laughed about it and I told her when and where I usually did it... not thinking much about that. Well, Wednesday night she decided to tie me up, but instead of reading to me (as was the routine), she just teased my and experimented with several of the facets of my fantasies... and it was INCREDIBLE. As the evening/scene began to wind down (without my having had an orgasm) she made the comment that we should start playing with the male chastity using the “honor system”... until we final received the device. I replied that I had had similar thoughts and that I was thinking we could start when we order it... She seemed to agree with this.

After she released my from bondage, she spent the rest of the evening pretty much with me... which prevented me from finishing off what she had started with the teasing. The next morning she mentioned in passing that she had fun the previous night and that she thought that it would be interesting to see how I felt waiting until the device arrived. She added that she might let me have one last orgasm before locking it on me. My mind raced, realizing that she meant to start the honor system immediately instead of when the device was ordered... and I had missed out on having what ended up being my "one last time" orgasm from Wednesday. I commented to her that it would be another week before we ordered the device, plus up to 4 weeks to receive it. All she responded with was "yup, probably should be careful what you wish for... like I said, I might give you one before we lock it on you..."

The Steelworxx Stealheart was received in late June and Jewels kept to her word of allowing me one last orgasm… but instead of a fulfilling one that would release the ever building tension, she decided to try out a ruined orgasm using the “hands off” method.  To ensure my compliance, I was tied spread eagle to the bed, and it was a good (I think) thing that I was, because the second I was past the point of no return, she stopped ALL stimulation.  That caused me to frantically buck about, pulling against my restraints wishing for just a slight touch to make the orgasm feel complete… but there was nothing!

After I recovered some of my senses, Jewels locked the newly arrived device on me… and it stayed there for 3 weeks.  Finally, while I struggled with frustration and insanity, she let me out and allowed me a real orgasm inside of her.  As I was basking in the glory of such an intense experience, Jewels informed me that my next orgasm would not be before October, which was 85 days away.  I trembled with excitement and fear as she turned the key, locking my penis away.

True to her word, Jewels allowed me an orgasm on October 1st.  Just like the one before, it was an incredibly intense experience.  As I was recovering, she decided on my next release date.  I almost passed out when she announced to me that I would next be released and allowed an orgasm no sooner than June 4th of 2012. As I did the math in my head, I let out a whine when I finally came to the number…

248 days, at the minimum!

And, today is day 76… UGH!